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Development and Operational Roles


DHA has evolved from a modest housing authority into a complex nonprofit real estate development and property management corporation with varying business lines, including affordable housing, workforce housing, market rate housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), real estate development, tax credit compliance, property management, quality resident services for youth and adults, multifaceted business operations, and homeownership.  DHA's Annual budget is currently $16.7 million with 36 employees and seven contracted afterschool teachers, and is comprised of these key business activities, including:


  • Real Estate Development Firm - DHA is its own real estate developer and undertakes the entire development process through its nonprofit developer, Preserving Affordable Housing, Inc. (PAHI).
    • DHA's most Recent Development is the Swanton Heights Revitalization.
      • In December 2019, DHA finalized the redevelopment plans and conducted a real estate closing for the financing of the revitalization of the Swanton Heights community, a 98-unit community.
      • Construction began in January of 2020 with a rehabilitation cost of over $13.5 million and a development transaction of over $25 million.  DHA is acting as its own developer and property manager for this complex redevelopment.
      • All three phases have been completed and the families have been relocated back into the community.


  • Property Management Firm - DHA owns and manages 524 physical housing units in Decatur.
    • Affordable Rental Housing - 400 - Families with incomes of 0% to 80% of Area Median Income pay 30% of adjusted income towards rent and utilities in DHA's Affordable Housing apartments located in Decatur.  There are 400 units of Project Based Rental Assistance in the following communities: Swanton Heights, Allen Wilson I, Allen Wilson II, Allen Wilson III, Trinity Walk I, and Trinity Walk II.  All of these properties are a part of the LIHTC Program, and DHA must assure compliance with IRS requirements. 
    • Workforce Housing - DHA, and its related non-profit, develops, owns and operates many forms of housing, including 124 workforce apartments.  In most cases, a percentage of units are reserved for low to moderate income residents while other units are available at market rate. 
      • There are 87 units of Workforce Housing with 65 apartment at Spring Pointe, two single family homes, seven Olympic apartments, seven Oakview Walk apartments, and six Chateau apartments.
      • Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Units - 37 - Families pay a reduced rental level that is based on 50% or 60% of Area Median Income at Trinity Walk and Oakview Walk with the 37 LIHTC units.


  • Housing Choice Program Provider - DHA operates the Housing Choice Voucher Program with 1,200 voucher holders in Decatur and DeKalb County. 


  • Resident Services Provider - DHA operates a vibrant resident services program with over 100 programs per year, along with the STARS Afterschool Program and STARS Summer Camp.


  • HAP Contract Administrator - DHA has three Project Based Voucher Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contracts with 166 senior participants. 


  • Human Capital - In addition to the ownership, construction, development, management, and maintenance of excellent housing, DHA's Board, CEO/Executive Director, and staff focuses on support and growth of the human capital, its residents and their families, who live in these quality communities as these families are valued members of the City of Decatur and enhance the treasured diversity of this wonderful community.