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Section 8



The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) is administered by Decatur Housing Authority with funding provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The HCVP is a federally-funded program offering much-needed rental assistance to low-income families through the issuance of housing vouchers. These vouchers give families the freedom to select decent, safe, and sanitary housing based on their individual needs. Participating landlords provide families with greater choice and better housing opportunities for rental units located throughout the City of Decatur and DeKalb County. There are many advantages for the landlord as well.

These include:


The HCVP offers an available pool of prospective tenants. Tenant selection is based on the landlord's own selection criteria. It is the landlord's decision as to who he/she accepts as a tenant and it is the landlord's responsibility to manage the property!


The lease and contract may begin the day after the unit passes the initial inspection and the family takes possession of the unit.


Annual inspections ensure the unit is being well-maintained by the owner/manager and family.


The Housing Authority reviews the family's income to ensure the family never becomes overburdened by their portion of the rent. The Housing Authority subsidizes the balance directly to the landlord.


The Housing Authority offers direct deposit to landlords. 

Voucher holders are responsible for finding suitable housing based upon the size of the family and the requirements of the program. Voucher holders may remain in their current dwelling if the unit is acceptable under the program. The Housing Choice Voucher must be used within the Housing Authority's jurisdiction in the first year. After the first year, the voucher may be transferred to any agency within the continental United States that administers the Section 8 program.

Eligibility is based on the income of the household and the number of people living in that household. The tenant's portion is generally 30% of their adjusted monthly income but may go as high as 40% depending on the amount authorized as rent for the unit. The Housing Authority will be responsible for the difference between the contract rent and the tenant's portion. The Housing Authority will determine the extent of assistance the tenant(s) will receive and notify the owner(s) as to the Housing Authority's portion of the contract rent. The participant will pay a portion of the authorized rent directly to the landlord and the Housing Authority subsidizes the balance directly to the landlord.

Landlord Responsibilities 

  • To screen the prospective tenant family for suitability.
  • To maintain the property in good condition and complete repairs within a reasonable amount of time upon request by Decatur Housing Authority, McCright and Associates, or the family.
  • To refrain from entering the unit without the family's permission and proper notice (except for emergencies or participant-requested repairs).
  • To comply with equal opportunity and fair housing requirements.
  • To enforce family obligations under the federal regulations and the assisted lease.
  • To comply with the terms and conditions of the assisted lease and HAP contract.
  • To comply with the federal regulations, DHA's policies, state, and local laws.
  • To evict the participant when necessary through legal channels for violations of the lease.
  • To collect from the participant any security deposit required under the lease, the participant's portion of rent, and charges for any damages caused by the participant.
  • To pay for owner-supplied utilities and services as obligated.
  • To make reasonable modifications for participants with disabilities.
  • To treat the participant fairly. Demanding side payments in excess of the participant's share of the rent is prohibited.

Participant Responsibilities

  • To pay their portion of the rent in a timely manner.
  • To notify Decatur Housing Authority of any changes of income or family composition as they occur.
  • To pay for utilities and services as obligated.
  • To keep the unit clean and undamaged.
  • To not engage in any illegal activities.
  • To be responsible for the actions of their family and guests.
  • To permit access to the unit for repairs.
  • To refrain from disturbing others.
  • To allow only occupants on the lease to reside in the unit.
  • To abide by the terms of the Housing Choice Voucher, the lease, and all applicable Decatur Housing Authority policies.