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Land Acquisition for Decatur Public Imporvements

The City of Decatur received 5 years of CDBG funding when the CDBG Program came into existence plus after that, they applied for and received 2-3 CDBG small cities Grants. The city designated these funds for housing rehabilitation, public improvements, community support, and other activities. Due to the Authority's expertise with federal requirements such as acquisition regulations the City contracted with the Authority to acquire properties for drainage improvements easements for drainage improvements and easements for sidewalks and similar items on the City's behalf. The Authority also acquired two (2) houses in Oakhurst that were used to provide community support services and space for community non-profits to operate. The Authority acquired, renovated, and oversaw the operation of these properties, as well as conducting programs out of them, including homeownership assistance.

The cooperative relationship provided benefits to both parties and relied on the expertise of each to help manage programs effectively, efficiently, and in the most cost-beneficial way.