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Request for Tenancy Approval Instructions

Instructions for Completing the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA)

Please fill out the RFTA completely and correctly. Initial HQS inspections are scheduled according to the date and time the completed RFTA is received by Decatur Housing Authority.


The instructions below explain how to complete each section of the RFTA.

Request for Tenancy Approval Form

1.  For Decatur Housing Authority use only.

2.  Provide complete address of rental unit.

3.  Enter date you are requesting the rental lease to begin.

4.  Provide number of bedrooms in the unit.

5.  Please enter the year the unit was built.

6.  The proposed monthly contract rent.

7.  If requesting a security deposit from the tenant, enter the amount.

8.  The date the unit will be ready for initial HQS inspection. All utilities MUST be on, and the unit must be vacant for the unit to be inspected.

9.  Please indicate the type of structure you are renting.

10.  This section ONLY applies to properties receiving tax credits or other government subsidy.

11.  Utilities and Appliances: ALL blocks MUST be filled in.

  • Specify fuel type for heating, cooking and water heating by placing an X in the appropriate box.
  • In the "Provided by" column, write an "O" for Owner provided or "T" for Tenant provided utilities.
  • In the "Paid by" column, please indicate which party is responsible for paying each type of utility bill. Write an "O" for Owner paid utilities or a "T" for Tenant paid utilities.
  • Payment for Trash Collection is the responsibility of the Owner, unless the unit type is an apartment complex. Apartment complexes often utilize private sanitation companies to pick up trash and may charge residents for trash collection. In such cases, indicate if the tenant will pay a fee for trash collection.

12. Owner's Certifications:

A.  This section ONLY applies to structures with 4 units or more.

B.  Please read carefully. By signing the RFTA form, you agree that this statement is true.

C.  Please place an "X" on the line next to the appropriate lead-based paint statement for your property.

The RFTA form MUST be signed by both the Owner and Tenant. Missing signatures will delay processing of the RFTA and scheduling of the initial inspection.

  • If a management company is submitting the RFTA, include the management company's name and contact information.
  • The owner/management company must provide an email address.
  • Please ensure the owner's/management company's address and phone number are current and correct.

If errors are made while completing the form, a line should be drawn through the error and initialed by the person completing the form. Do not use white out to correct errors.

Incomplete or incorrect RFTA forms will be returned to the tenant and will not be processed and scheduled for an initial inspection until the form has been completed and/or corrected.