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TRinity Walk II - REAC Inspection

REAC Inspection

To all Residents of Trinity Walk II

WHAT: REAC Inspection

WHEN:  November 9-11th

A representative from HUD will be conducting a REAC Physical Inspection (to include unit inspections) within 10 Days from today.

Please make sure that your unit is found to be in:

  • Good Housekeeping/CLEAN
  • No cords running across the floor
  • Nothing in front of any windows/No BLOCKED egress
  • Stove free of grease - CLEAN
  • SMOKE DETECTORS secure in place and operable (If you need batteries, please let us know.)

Please contact management if you have any work-order requests. Also, make sure that the office has a key to your unit if you have changed your entry door lock.

Should your unit be found to be in any of the above conditions, you will be issued a Lease Violation Notice.

You will be notified again at least 24-hours prior to the inspection.

Thank you,