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Federal Program to help pay for internet Service

There is a new federal subsidy program that can help you pay for internet service.

The Affordable Connectivity Program, accepted by many Internet Service Providers (ISPs), gives households $30 a month to cover the cost of internet service (or up to $75 per eligible household on Tribal lands). Additionally, eligible households who register with participating ISPs may receive a one-time subsidy of $100 for computer devices.  ACP is a $14.2 billion program made possible by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

Public Housing and Section 8 residents are eligible for ACP funding based on their receiving housing assistance, and the ACP subsidy is not considered income for the purpose of determining program eligibility or household rent. To date, public housing residents are under-enrolled in the ACP program. This would support or enable your internet connectivity at a free or reduced cost.

Any household with an individual who receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is eligible to receive discounted internet service through the ACP. Social Security doesn't count ACP assistance as income or a resource for SSI purposes. Receipt of this assistance will not affect a person's SSI payment.