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Georgia Bulldogs National Champs - Trinity Walk S.T.AR. Activities

Congratulation Georgia!!!

Before the winter break, the Trinity Walk S.T.A.R. after-school program participants learned the game of football. They learned teamwork and how to appreciate the talents of others. When we came back to start the new year, the students were given one word and its definition to learn. The students not only had to learn their assigned word but how to spell it.

For the week of the National Championship, the students in grades k-2 learned the word "Talent". The students' grades 3-8 word was "Determination". Each day the kids would run off the bus trying to spell their words to each other, to our surprise most of the students learned how to spell their words overnight. Some parents called the DHA staff to let the staff know that their child had them practicing their word with them throughout the night. The parents were surprised by their child's "determination".

To add a special academic surprise to the week the kids learned how to produce gas (Carbon dioxide) with vinegar and baking soda to blow up a balloon. The kids were able to identify that many of their peers displayed "determination" because some of the STEAM Exploration groups had to try many times before they were able to get their balloon to blow up. Some of the groups had a natural "talent" in this assignment because they were able to understand the experiment with ease.

When the students were asked to use their words in a sentence as it pertains to the Georgia Bulldogs their sentences were.

"Team Georgia showed "determination" to make it to the finals." and "The Georgia Bulldogs have "talent" because they made it this far."

This was proven true because Georgia took home the WIN!!!!!!

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