Section 8 Waiting List Update  



The Housing Authority received 54,983 pre-applications for its waiting list during the period it was accepting them.


Through a computer based lottery conducted by an independent contractor 3,000 were pulled to be added to the actual waiting list.


The 3,000 selected will be contacted in writing, advised that they were drawn and asked to respond to a few questions.  If no response is received by the deadline the pre-application will be dead filed. 


After February 1, 2011 those 3,000 will be able to check on their status on the waiting list by calling 404-270-2116 and entering their social security number into the automated system.


Actual eligibility for Section 8 will not be determined until your name comes to the top of the waiting list.


The other 51,983 who were not selected in the lottery will not receive a notification from the Housing Authority!


Based upon the limited number of vouchers the Authority has, it will take many years for the Authority to get to all 3,000 pre-applications being put on the waiting list.  Therefore, the Authority does not anticipate taking pre-applications again for several years.


Calling the Authority will not change anyone’s status nor speed up when your name comes to the top of the list.  However, if you are one of the 3,000 placed on the waiting list you must keep your current with the Authority by notifying the Authority, in writing, of all address changes.  If you fail to keep your address current, when we attempt to contact you and the letter is returned, you will be removed from the waiting list.



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