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About Decatur Housing Authority

To support the strength and diversity of the Decatur community by providing a wide range of housing opportunities with a focus on affordable housing, promoting community and economic development, and administering its programs in a creative, cooperative, responsive, and effective manner.

The Decatur Housing Authority was established in 1938 with its primary focus being on building housing for low income households.  Over the years, the Housing Authority has expanded its focus to include the revitalization of the Decatur community as a whole through the renewal and redevelopment of substandard housing, as well as improving facilities in the downtown area.


Today, the Authority's philosophy emphasizes not only providing much needed housing for the lower income residents of our community, but also in providing our participants with the necessary tools to build better lives for themselves through self-sufficiency.


The Authority has also examined the need for diversity in the Decatur community and the inability of many of the people who work in our community to afford to live in Decatur.  In an effort to address the need for affordable housing opportunities within the city limits of Decatur, we have formed partnerships in our community to build several developments that provide some of this much needed affordable housing for our teachers, police and fire personnel, and other employees in Decatur


We are proud of our past accomplishments!  We are eager to expand our role within this wonderful community and to help our residents realize their dreams of independence.  Through the partnerships we create with other service agencies, the City of Decatur and with our entire community, the Housing Authority will move toward reaching our goal of improving the lives of our participants and building an even better Decatur community.


Our programs are designed to meet the needs of  renters, owners, and hopeful owners; welfare recipients, young families, service workers, police and fire personnel, the elderly, and many others.

With these goals in mind, the Authority plans, develops and implements programs that are specifically designed to improve the lives of our families, promote our thriving community and to foster economic development within our city.  Additionally the Authority offers programs directly to the residents of its affordable housing rental communities.


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